Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to service my tennis court?

The servicing process can take 4 to 16 hours depending on the court. Factors include how mouldy it is, the size, type of grass, how dry the court is and court access. 

Can it be serviced when it is wet or damp?

The court cannot be serviced successfully or to a high standard when it is considerably wet. However, if there are only some damp areas on the court we find that the machines will decompact the sand which helps to dry the damp areas. In most cases, by the time we are nearly finished the cleaning process, we find these areas have dried considerably allowing us to achieve a better clean.

How long will I need to wait for work to commence once I book my court in for a service?

The waiting time is between one to three weeks. If there is an urgent need to have it cleaned, we will strive to schedule it in within the requested time frame.

Is there anything I have to do to the court to prepare it before it is cleaned or repaired?

Preparing the court for cleaning is included in our service. We will remove any leaves and rubbish before commencing the court service.

How long will it stay clean once it is completed?

Different factors contribute to how long the court will stay clean. Factors include weather, how often the court is used, keeping the court free of leaves and weeds and the type of base that has been used to lay the court on.

How often do I need to have it serviced and maintained?

Most courts only require a service once every year, but it has been found that courts that have a lot of shade and are often covered in leaves may require a service every six to nine months. This can include courts that are in the path of the runoff water through the yard.

Will there be any sand added to the tennis court during the service?

Sand is added if it is necessary, however we often find that most courts have enough sand once we have decompacted them. If a large amount of sand is needed it may be added to the cost of the service. This is not required regularly.

Can you repair synthetic grass tennis courts?

At Carmichael Court Service we can repair or replace any deteriorated areas of tennis courts. This includes areas that are ripped or torn, worn through from high traffic and replacing lines that have pulled loose or worn out. We can also glue down seams that have parted or pulled up over time.

Can you do any base repairs to my tennis court?

We do minor repairs to bases for damage caused by tree roots, wash outs or potholes due to sinkage over time.